Friday, March 11, 2005

Laws Don't Always Favor 'Upskirting' Victims

Outraged victims of "upskirting," the photographs taken secretly from underneath victims' skirts and blouses, are coming forward.However, NBC News reported that the law doesn't always favor those victims.Bunny Brunt's teenage daughter, Raquel, was a victim of upskirting last summer...the suspect, Jeffrey Swisher, served only 10 days in jail for disorderly conduct.Many victims of video voyeurism have no idea they're being photographed. People hide the cameras -- now smaller and less noticeable on gadgets like cell phones -- in bags near their unsuspecting victims. The pictures can end up on the Internet."We had the evidence," Bunny Brunt said. "We had the tape. But they told me there's ... nothing in the law that says you can't shoot in a public area."


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