Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Missing Clearwater Boy's Case Like Jessica Lunsford's

Clearwater, Florida - It's been two weeks since Jessica Lunsford’s father discovered his daughter was missing from her room. The family is holding out hope the nine-year-old girl will be found safe, despite days of searching that turned up nothing.The case is a lot like that of Zachary Bernhardt who disappeared on September 11, 2000. Like Jessica, the eight-year-old Clearwater boy was home at bedtime, but gone by morning. As with Jessica's disappearance there was an all-out search, still Zachary remains missing


Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Jessica's Dad said on the news this morning that "to always get that hug and kiss". That's a something everyone,regardless of background etc., should take a note to. An innocent beautiful little girl was killed for nothing. For one man's sick fantasy. He is deserves everything. I hope the Lord forgives him though. Just pray for everyone, and cherish the moments you have~!

1:13 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I meant to say "He deserves everything that's comming to him while he is caught...death penilty or life in prison!"

1:14 AM  

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