Sunday, February 25, 2007

Math Doesn't Suck.....

Study hard,do homework problems repeatedly,use technology to help,open your eyes and brain to realize Math is not mysterious but based on procedures and rules that do not change.....learn the rules and procedures and life will be great....bust your but and seek help when needed and you will succeed.As for me....I refuse to let my future wait any longer on a bumb math class......victory and success will be mine.......practice practice practice and u will "get it".

Monday, February 19, 2007

Justice or an Injustice ?

Too Intoxicated to consent!!!
Consensual Sex or Rape on Tape?
Genarlow Wilson sits in prison despite being a good son, a good athlete and high school student with a 3.2 GPA. He never had any criminal trouble. On the day he was to sit for the SAT, at seventeen years old, his life changed forever. He was arrested. In Douglas County he was accused of inappropriate sexual acts at a News Year’s Eve party. A jury acquitted him of the allegation of Rape but convicted him of Aggravated Child Molestation for a voluntary act of oral sex with another teenager. He was 17, and she was 15..........

Along with the label "child molester" which will require him throughout his life to be on a sexual offender registry, Genarlow received a sentence of eleven years- a mandatory 10 years in prison and 1 year on probation.
On July 1st, the new Romeo and Juliet law went into effect in Georgia for any other teen that engages in consensual sexual acts. That change in the law means that no teen prosecuted for consensual oral sex could receive more than a 12 months sentence or be required to register as a sex offender.
Had this law been in effect when Genarlow Wilson was arrested, or had been done after the Marcus Dixon case, Genarlow would not now be in jail.
Genarlow and his mother are overjoyed that no one else in Georgia will have to know their pain. In the meantime, however, the legal fight goes on for Genarlow Wilson.
Genarlow has been incarcerated since February 25, 2005.......

For an in depth article....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Sun Storm: A Coronal Mass Ejection Credit: SOHO Consortium, ESA, NASA
Explanation: What's happening to our Sun? Another Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)! The Sun-orbiting SOHO spacecraft has imaged many erupting filaments lifting off the active solar surface and blasting enormous bubbles of magnetic plasma into space. Direct light from the sun is blocked in the inner part of the above image, taken in 2002, and replaced by a simultaneous image of the Sun in ultraviolet light. The field of view extends over two million kilometers from the solar surface. While hints of these explosive events, called coronal mass ejections or CMEs, were discovered by spacecraft in the early 70s, this dramatic image is part of a detailed record of this CME's development from the presently operating SOHO spacecraft. Near the minimum of the solar activity cycle CMEs occur about once a week, but near solar maximum rates of two or more per day are typical. Strong CMEs may profoundly influence space weather. Those directed toward our planet can have serious effects.
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To Be Doomed or Not To Be Doomed.......That Is The Question.....and we shall find out Thursday when I get my test results back........pray pray pray!!!!!!!!!!!!
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