Sunday, October 31, 2004

John Commie Kerry with Daniel Ortega(another commie).... this ones 4 Sarge make it back safe buddy

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Dam First Florida State University Loses And Now UM Loses Too

Yep............. The University of Miami Football team is no longer undefeated. The Canes lost to North Carolina 31-28 . Earlier today FSU lost to Maryland. With this happening and the University of Florida Gators losing games left and right I wonder if the Bambino Curse has transferred to Florida in some way... hehehe maybe some will say it was all the hurricanes like Charlie, Jeanne,Frances and Ivan that doomed us....hmmmmmmmmm : (

Miami Dolphins File Suit Against Ricky Williams

Click on title for link to story..... The Miami Dolphins have filed a lawsuit in federal court against running back Ricky Williams, who an arbitrator ruled owes the team more than $8.6 million for breaching his contract.

AP and UPI reported that the French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from "run" to "hide." The only two higher levels in France are "surrender" and "collaborate." The action was precipitated by the recent fire which destroyed one of France's white flag factories, disabling their military.

Sooooo Good...

J Large...... hehehe

Courtesy Charles Stouff ©2004 TOP SECRET CARTOONS

John Kerry Arrested... During Memorial Day weekend Kerry joined a throng of antiwar protesters on the green in Lexington, Mass., where he and hundreds of others were arrested.

Simplified Ballot

Friday, October 29, 2004

Link To Osama Bin Laden Terror Videos

Click on title to see video tapes released of Osama Bin Laden. New video and audio available related to terrorist threats upon U.S. Al-Jazeera aired a video in which it said Osama bin Laden appeared with a top deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri.
Heres link for more info on new Osama terror tape..
Consider the implications of this video related to our pending presidential elections and how long has Al Jazeera had this tape in their hands before deciding to release it.

IRS INVESTIGATING NAACP... Is the NAACP violating its non partisan requirement to be considered tax exempt...,0,2492705.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Just In Case

Political Parody..... Heres a link to jibjabs site.... featuring "This Land" and more like their last creation " Good To Be In D.C." ...
& @ you can check out the new Queen Rhapsody Remake........... just in case you've been out of the loop.

Happy Halloween : )

It's Only A Matter Of Time

Al Jazeera Airs New Osama Tape

Click on title for link to story.....
"Your security is not in the hands of (Democratic candidate John) Kerry or (President George W) Bush or Al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands," Osam said.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bill O'Reilly Settles Out Of Court on title for a real brief summary but the title says it all. How much was involved in the settlement..... hmmmmm

Update On New Terror Tape

Click on title for link to info.....hmmmm
Did ABC withhold 15 minutesof new terror tape from FBI/CIA..... I doubt it.... that would be too much but...hmmm

What Were They Thinking?

O Brother

Angelina Jolie Visits Sudan

Because I Can...and she just got back from a visit to on title for link to story

Weapons MIA

The Plot Thickens. Am I Missing the whole point of this story? The UN was supposed to have destroyed these weapons but didnt. The UN and IAEA and New York Times throwing mud on president for this too? Heck isnt it true we all thought there were weapons in Iraq to begin with. Isnt it apparent that in our "rush" to war these weapons vanished? Well then the reason there are no WMDs in Iraq is there were none to begin with? or maybe what ever there was "left" along with these recently mentioned weapons ... left meaning they were transported out of Iraq and into some other country. The recently discussed weapons in the New York Times are not the WMD type we were looking for but nonetheless dangerous.
I recorded much of the war with all the reporters alongside our soldiers. I recall many a weapons cache being found and destroyed. Yes destroyed.. fire and smoke plumming as they set ablaze these weapons in boxes clearly marked from France Germany and Russia. In other words for John Kerry to say our men and women our being killed by AKs Bush just left unguarded distorts the truth behind the current missing weapons issue and supports the outright lie that our troops found weapons caches and didnt secure them.

Bye Bye Bad Mojo.. Congrats To Boston Red Sox

New Al Qaida Tape Authenticated

Click on title for link FBI and CIA Authenticate New Terror Tape
ABC will not broadcast due to the elections. Why are they now hessitant and concerned about influencing the elections. The hypocrasy is incredible. The threat of coded messages has always been present yet the other tapes were released. This is communism.....release the tape and let us see it...
UPDATE: ABC did release the tape.....that wasn't so difficult now was it..... link to story...

Many Americans Taking Advantage Of Early Voting

Click on title for link........
Many Americans are taking the opportunity and getting out to vote early.
I've heard a wise man say "voting gives you the right to bitch"....... I couldn't agree more.
In the current situation this is the case more than ever. I want a clear and convincing vote margin. I would rather there be a landslide victory for either presidential candidate than the impending doom of disputed results. The possibility (or inevitability) of litigation to resolve the presidential election is once again making a mockery of the whole process and setting a bad example to younger generations who may feel like why even bother if my vote doesn't count. Nothing could be further from the truth. If there are "millions of angry Bush hating" Americans who vote Kerry into office in a clear and convincing fashion then so be it. A huge win by either side would leave no alternative but acceptance and any whom would wish to challenge such a clear victory should be prosecuted for wasting our time and demeaning the process. hehehe
In conclusion....... no matter who you want to vote for......... Do It......get up off your keister and exercise your right. All those of us for Bush in 04 must cast our vote for victory.....
Those whom want Kerry in..... Vote and exercise your right.... We Want A Landslide.....
Beyond the shadow of a doubt........

Safety First

New Political Parody

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen now a political rhapsody..... click on title for link to it.

Hunters used to stalk prey by the pale light of the October full moon, giving it the name "hunter's moon" and "blood moon." Last night a total eclipse of the moon caused the moon to have a brilliant shade of red. What a sight it was and just in time for halloween.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I Feel Pretty... O So Pretty

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Shotout Is Deserved

Richard Boucher, SpokesmanWashington, DC October 21, 2004

QUESTION: Did you hear that Castro fell?

MR. BOUCHER: We heard that Castro fell. There are, I think, various reports that he broke a leg, an arm, a foot, and other things, and I'd guess you'd have to check with the Cubans to find out what's broken about Mr. Castro. We, obviously, have expressed our views about what's broken in Cuba.

QUESTION: Do you wish him a speedy recovery?


Monday, October 25, 2004

Florida Girl Murdered In Mexico

Ashley Linn Dininger
A 16-year-old Florida girl was kidnapped and shot to death in southern Mexico last week. The kidnappers also killed a Texas man, but left another Florida woman alive.22-year-old Vanessa Burgos was not kiled because according to Mexican superstition if you kill a pregnant woman your soul will never rest.. The 16 year old is survived by her grandmother whom raised her. The girls were supposedly going to Orlando but that was simply a lie. Ashley was from Lantana.

Latest Legal News

Ashlee Simpson...

The Latest

Judge Rejects Voting Touch Screen Lawsuit...
Chief Justice under treatment for thyroid cancer...
Karzai All but Certain of Afghan Election Majority
Drunken Bees Act Like Buzzed Humans ...
Ashlee Simpson Will Sing Live (or not) on NBC tonight....

Sunday, October 24, 2004

No Need For A Caption Here


Need A Mask For Halloween?


Countdown Till Castros Death Continues

Fidel Eats Dirt.... Wooohooooooooooooo
Heres a link .......
This "trip and fall" seems more like Fidel just fainted again and plunged face first into the ground. Either way his security team seems to be slacking and late to help him get up.

Ignorance Is Bliss
Pre- and post-strike imagery of the terrorist training camp at Khurmal in northeastern Iraq near the Iranian border. The facility was struck early the previous week with several dozen Tomahawk missiles and precision air strikes; this was followed by a ground and air attack conducted over the last couple of days with the help of Kurdish forces. The camp, in and around the villages of Gulp and Sargat, was, according to DOD, being used by an estimated 300-500 Ansar al-Islam terrorists, with elements of the al Qaeda network in there with them

April 16, 2004....
Chemical attack foiled in Jordan
AMMAN, Jordan - An Al Qaeda-linked terrorist cell busted in Jordan was plotting to detonate a chemical bomb capable of killing thousands of people and planning to attack the U.S. Embassy and government offices with poison gas.
Several suspects nabbed last month confessed the plots were hatched by Jordanian militant Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, security sources said over the weekend. He's the same terror thug suspected in a dozen attacks in Iraq, including the bombing of the UN headquarters in August.

And this from The National Review date February 6, 2003 ...

quote: February 6, 2003, 9:00 a.m. The Zarqawi Node in the Terror Matrix Linking the terrorists By Matthew Levitt

In mapping out Iraq's links to international terrorism before the United Nations Security Council, Secretary of State Colin Powell highlighted the case of senior al Qaeda commander Fedel Nazzel Khalayleh, better known as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
In fact, Zarqawi exemplifies not only the Iraq role in the web of international terror but serves as a case in point of the terror matrix itself. Zarqawi's activities on behalf of al Qaeda span the globe, from Afghanistan to Great Britain, with equally diverse links to other terrorist groups, from Ansar al-Islam in Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon to al-Tawhid in Germany and Beyyiat el-Imam in Turkey. At least 116 terrorist operatives from Zarqawi's global network have already been arrested, including members in France, Italy, Spain, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
A Palestinian-Jordanian and veteran of the Afghan war against the Soviets, Zarqawi first appeared as a terror suspect when Jordan indicted him in absentia for his role in the al Qaeda millennial bombing plot targeting the Radison SAS hotel in Amman as well as other American, Israeli, and Christian religious sites in Jordan. In 2000 he returned to Afghanistan, where he oversaw a terrorist training camp and specialized in chemical and biological weapons. European officials maintain Zarqawi is the al Qaeda coordinator for attacks there, where chemical attacks were recently thwarted in Britain, France, and Italy. In fact, Secretary Powell informed that Abuwatia (ph), a detainee who graduated from Zarqawi's terrorist camp in Afghanistan, admitted to dispatching at least nine North African extremists to travel to Europe to conduct poison and explosive attacks.
Zarqawi heads Jund al-Shams, an Islamic extremist group and al Qaeda affiliate which operated primarily in Syria and Jordan, but is now believed to have moved to the Ansar al-Islam enclave in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq where he helped establish a new poison and explosive training camp. Powell noted that Zarqawi's lieutenants operate the Ansar al-Islam camp in coordination with a senior Iraqi agent "in the most senior levels of the radical organization."
Zarqawi's own movements are themselves telling. After being wounded in the leg in Afghanistan, Zarqawi escaped to Iran. While there, he dispatched two Palestinians and a Jordanian who entered Turkey illegally from Iran on their way to conduct bombing attacks in Israel. The three, members of Beyyiat el-Imam (a group linked to al Qaeda) who fought for the Taliban and received terrorist training in Afghanistan, were intercepted and arrested by Turkish police on February 15, 2002.
From Iran Zarqawi traveled to Iraq in May 2002, where his wounded leg was amputated and the limb fitted with a prosthetic device. He spent two months recovering in Baghdad, at which time "nearly two dozen extremists converged on Baghdad and established a base of operations there." Powell informed that "these Al Qaida affiliates, based in Baghdad, now coordinate the movement of people, money and supplies into and throughout Iraq for his network, and they've now been operating freely in the capital for more than eight months."
While Iraq maintained it was unaware of the whereabouts of Zarqawi or other terrorists, Powell informed the Security Council that the United States passed information to Iraqi authorities on Zarqawi's location in the Iraqi capitol via a third party.
From Baghdad Zarqawi traveled to Syria, and from there to Lebanon where he met with leaders from Hezbollah and other extremists at a terror training camp in South Lebanon. In fact, Zarqawi has been definitively linked both to Hezballah as well as a terrorist cell apprehended in Germany that had been operating under the name Tawhid. German prosecutors announced that the group, tied to the recently arrested Abu Qatada in Britain but controlled by Zarqawi, was planning to attack U.S. or Israeli interests in Germany. Eight men were arrested, and raids yielded hundreds of forged passports from Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Denmark, and other countries.
While in Syria Zarqawi planned and facilitated the October assassination of Lawrence Foley, a U.S. official with the Agency for International Development. In December a Libyan and a Jordanian were arrested for the attack. Jordan's prime minister announced that the pair received funding and instructions from Zarqawi, and intended to conduct attacks against "foreign embassies, Jordanian officials, some diplomatic personnel, especially Americans and Israelis." Powell revealed that after the murder, one of the assassin's associates "left Jordan to go to Iraq to obtain weapons and explosives for further operations."
Zarqawi is now believed to have returned to the Ansar al-Islam camp in northern Iraq run by his Jund al-Shams lieutenants. Terrorists trained at the camp have plotted chemical attacks with various toxins in Britain, France, Georgia's Pankisi Gorge, and Chechnya.

al-Qaeda terrorist named Hassan Ghul was captured in the eastern Iraqi town of Kallar (60 miles northeast of Baghdad and very close to the the Iranian border) by Kurdish Peshmerga militiamen. Ghul was subsequently handed over to American forces. In his possession was a CD ROM containing a 17-page report from the senior Al Qaeda operative in Iraq, al-Zarqawi, to Osama bin Laden. The substance of that report was both a request for more Al Qaeda fighters to be transfered to Iraq and details of al-Zarqawi's plan to instigate civil war in Iraq.

How Low Can The Dems Go...... This is outright discusting and misleading...... Gladly these dark days in America are in the Past...yes racism is still rearing its ugly head even today However this is nothing more than an emotional appeal utilized to anger and persuade black voters to vote democratic...An emotional appeal is one of many existing fallacies in Logic ....doomed to fail

November 2nd Will Be Only The Beginning...

Calling For An Assassination Of President George W. Bush

Yep.... U.K. tabloid "The Guardian" calls for presidential assassination ......
"On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod's law dictates he'll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you? "
"[A]t least he's not a lying, sniggering, drink-driving, selfish, reckless, ignorant, dangerous, backward, drooling, twitching, blinking, mouse-faced little cheat." written by Charlie Brooker

Tragic Plane Crash Involving Nascar and Hendrick Motorsports

Click on title for link....

North American Man Boy Love Association... Another Key Kerry Endorser...

El Che Kerry

I Smoked Too... But I Didn't Inhale Either

Help Is On The Way

The Countdown Is On

Eminem says he will vote this year for the first time...

Yasser Arrafat, North Korea Endorse Kerry Lmao.......... " Kerry Ahkbar"


Gods Plan

Friday, October 22, 2004

From A Democrat Whose Voting Republican

I am disgusted with all of this. If Bush wins there shall be another four years of bellyaching and complaining.... You Left Wingers Cease To Amaze Me..... There is reason after reason why John Kerry and John Edwards Should not get your vote. You Left wing human shield woman rights loving appeasers. How Dare You. Our Troops Have Liberated More People and Saved More asses than the rest of the world combined and The United States hasnt even been in existence for much more than a couple hundred years. Under Bushes Command Women Who Couldnt Even Walk Down the streets and show their faces have exercised their right to vote for the first time in history.Women are attending school when before they coulnt even speak their opinion.Liberalism has failed America time and time again and yet many fall dupes to the same old scrare tactics and outright BS of the democratic party. Republican Ronald Reagan was elected and the American Hostages held overseas were immediately released. Democrat Jimmy Carter was out and our captives set free.In Fact While John Kerry and Liberals were against Reagan Building the military up and Reagan reffering to the Russians as "evil".... history proved him correct. Under Reagans watch the military was strengthened and the Russians couldnt keep up and were bankrupted. Under Reagans Watch The Berlin wall came down and East and West were United. The French would be speaking German if not for our brave troops. Appeasement did not work in czechoslavakia and it will not work with terrorists either. I Blame the countries that have appeased the Beheaders and withdrawan their troops. This has only given them encouragement to kidnapp more people like the poor woman now asking Britain to withdraw. Her Blood Is not on Bushes Hands. Her Blood and the rest of the victims are on the hands of those who do the beheadings. Furthermore if you want to go into the past why not mention the mass graves why not mention the mass killings in Iraq with chemical weapons. Where are you now Liberal Human Rights Freedom Fighters? In Iraq as human shields and at home questioning all the President does. Blame Blame Blame. Heck isnt it Bushes fault that theres not enough flue vaccines and now millions will die because of him? Lmao what a load of crock.Where Is NOW..the womens rights movement ? So Silent While Millions of women have been freed from oppression and abuse?Now Our Homeland Issues...... I heard someone on the news today blame Bush For 911 cause he was "on watch." Ok Yes it was under his watch. Lets ignore our intelligence failures in the Federal Agencies Like the FBI and CIA. Lets ignore the fact they didnt work together and did not even effectively work together within their own agencies (FBI Agents Memo Allertng of strange things like terrorists going to flight schools). Cast this all aside and Accept Bush was in Charge and to Blame. Ill concede however what was his response........ He unlike Clinton Acted. Under Clinton yes the economy was great (lets ignore the bubble that was readying to burst and did on Bushes watch cause hey todays economy is Bushes Fault too right ) but while we were all getting fat and rich here under Clinton....... Our Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were blown up by terrorists. Our Ship the USS Cole was attacked and Blown up by bold terrorist on a boat........... And THE FIRST ATTACK OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER WAS CARRIED OUT. CLINTON TREATED IT LIKE A REGULAR RUN OF THE MILL STREET CRIME.... O YES WHILE OSAMMA WAS IN AFGHANISTAN with his cronies PLANNING THE SEPTEMBER 11 TH ATTACKS AND LAUNCHING THE ATTACKS JUST MENTIONED WHAT DID CLINTON DO TO GET HIM??????? HE LAUNCHED SOME CRUISE MISSILES INTO MOUNTAINS AND SAID WERE FIGHTING TERRORIST... iT IS A FACT WE COULD HAVE HAD OSSAMA ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION AND YET CLINTON DIDNT CARE... IN FACT IF CLINTON WOULD HAVE ACTED MORE LIKE BUSH HE WOULD HAVE INVADED AFGHANISTAN RIGHT THEN AND THERE AND MAYBE WE WOULD HAVE FOUND PLANS FOR 911 BEFORE IT HAPPENED............ CLINTON A LIBERAL WAS TOO BUSSY GETTING BLOW JOBS FROM MONICA AND GIVING OUR NUCLEAR SECRETS TO CHINA TO CARE ABOUT OSSAMA AND HIS EVER GROWING THREAT.Liberalism is a failure................ liberalism has said lets pour billions more into education..... what have our billions gotten us......... people like Bush who use the word "gooder" forget not he is a product of OUR education system......... Bushes Response is lets not just pour more money into Education lets raise the standards ( IE no child left behind) o i forgot . he didnt fund it right .......... wrong thats another liberal lie.... Liberals are comlaining Bush is spending billions and bankrupting us...... but actually hes beat you at you own game.......... Arent you the liberals the ones who love to pour billions into welfare and anything under the sun....... under Bush the Government has Grown ( ie department of homeland defense) isnt it a liberal thing for bigger government... o yea i forgot Bush was against it.... Probably because he was planning on improving the system we have like the FBI and CIA and other agencies... raising standards and utilizing Laws like the Patriot Act which removed many obstacles law enforcement agencies had in fighting terorism....... o yea i forgot the patriot act and john ashcroft are the Devil..... but talk to FBI and CIA agents and ask them what they think.... if you cant look into cases like the good ol muslims here in florida using a mosk and school to fund terror......... if not fo the Patriot Act the federal agents would still have their hands tied and the money would still be flowing into terrorist hands.(still is but not from this particular group anymore) certainly in aggreement of a followup investigation on the patriot act and am pleasesd to here the Courts ruling certain parts unconstitutional. I honestly would not have our freedom lost at the cost of being safe... really.... no sarcasm here ....... but parts of the patriot act that do not infringe on our civil rights and cut out the red tape and silly requirements for a warrant in each state or jurisdiction for a federal investigation that spans the nation is fine by me................................ I could go on and on and on but for now thats it.... I CHALLENGE ANYONE WHO DIFFERS IN OPINION TO ENGAGE IN AN INTELLECTUAL DISCUSSION ON THE TOPIC (IE IF YOU CANT NAME ME ONE MEANINGFUL PIECE OF LEGISLATION THAT JOHN KERRY INITIATED IN HIS 20+ YEARS IN THE SENATE THEN DONT BOTHER....... IM SORRY THIS WILL INCLUDE EVERYONE CAUSE THERE IS NO SIGNIFICANT PIECE OF LEGISLATION EVER STARTED BY KERRY.. HMM MAYBE THATS WHY HES JUST RUNNING ON HIS VIETNAM RECORD AND DOESNT MENTION HIS PAST SENATORIAL RECORD..... HOW DO LIBERALS COMPLAIN BUSH IS SPENDING US BROKE WHEN UNDER ALL OF KERRYS PROMISSES LIES THE FACT THAT EVEN IF HE RAISED TAXES ON ALL THE "RICH " OR TOP 2 % PERCENT OF WAGE EARNERS IN THE COUNTRY THAT IS STILLLLLLL NOWHERE NEAR THE AMOUNT YOUD HAVE TO RAISE TO FUND ALL HIS PLANS... O YEA I FORGOT HELL PROBABLY CUT MILITARY BUDGETS AND BASES TO MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE CAUSE WHO NEEDS AN ARMY ANYWAY.... WE CAN ALWAYS TALK OUR WAY OUT OF IT OR LET THE UN HANDLE IT..... I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EARS WHEN I HERD JOHN KERRY VOTED AGAINST INVADING KUWAIT TO REMOVE SADDAMS OCCUPYING TROOPS...........WTF? ...... YES THE FIRST GULF WAR.. HE VOTED AGAINST GOING IN EVEN WHEN THE "WHOLE WORLD " AND THE HOLY U.N. WERE IN AGREEMENT....THATS HOW ANTI MILITARY THIS Gentleman IS.......WHILE OUR SOLDIERS IN VIETNAM WERE BEING TORTURED THERE WAS KERRY NOT JUST PROTESTING THE WAR (THATS THE FREEDOM HERE) HE WAS ADVERTISING OUR BRUTALITIES AND OUR WAR CRIMES FOR ALL TO SEE... "PILLAGING VILLAGES IN THE FASHION OF GANGAS KHAN...". I WASNT THERE AND THINK BOTH SIDES (SWIFTVETS AND THEIR OPPOSERS) are telling it like they see it.. yes some of the swiftvets stuff has not stood the test of a fair and balanced FOX news investigation.... as for Kerry being against the fisrt gulf war ...HOW MUCH MORE WOULD WE BE PAYING FOR GAS IF SADDAM WAS SITTING STILL IN CHARGE AND CONTROLLING OIL FIELDS IN KUWAIT TODAY..... WOULD HE HAVE BEEN EMBOLDED BY OUR APPEASEMENT LIKE HITLER WAS AFTER WE CEDED CZECHOSLAVAKIA and continued his endevours by invading another country.....HMMMMMM.... I wont even go into the oil for food scam @ the UN ......cause o yea i forgot the UN is our future leader.... im glad Bush decided not to go for the UN international court scam..... that would mean our soldiers could be court martialled by a foreign entity and so on........... damitt this is the United States of America.... not the United Nations State of AmericaStill mad cause we went "alone" without the UN and international support... i challenge you to research into the Clinton administrations use of our troops in a foreign country without UN approval because it is a fact.... look it up for yourself...... and besides...... dont you remember while we were "in the rush to war" (so few remember or chose to acknowledge) while in this rush to war we spent months and months no Bush spent months and months begging at the alter of the UN heck id be as bold as to say in our rush to war there were women who gave birth to more than one conceived and had babies in our rush to war..... thats how much Bush rushed into war.... but if you would watch anything besides just cbs and abc and the rest of the democratic communist media propoganda outlets you would know the reasons why all became part of the "coalition of the unwilling weasels"......$$$$$$........ thats it for now................ c yaaaaaa

I Got a Plan......

Stay @ Home Moms Are Slackers

O yea... Teresa Heinz said Laura Bush never held a real job but then apologized saying i forgot she was a teacher and a librarian...... What About Stay @ Home Moms?...... no mention of them in apology... I guess since rich ol Teresa has probably hadan army servants and has no clue and no respect for the most challenging job in the world Raising Children and maintaing a home...... I salute parents , stay at home moms and support those who got it the hardest..... the single parents in the world...... this buds for you..... Vote Bush in 04 and let Teresa and the rest of the clowns know not to take for granted the hardest workin people in America.

57 Varieties But NO Substance

No We Cant


Cheaters Never Prosper

Was Kerry One Of The "Human Shields" in Iraq?

The Truth

How Low Can You Go?.....With Democrats Giving Out Crack For Votes..... Mobilizing An Army Of Lawyers To Fight Voter Intimidation (Even Where There Is None As Per A DNC Memo)..... Win @ Any Cost Is The Obvious Theme...

Show Us A Sign....

Kerry and Bush Related?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Update On Iraq

Political Vandalism Rampant

Oh Man Oh Man

Kerry Edwards Best Thing Since Jesus Came To Earth..

Heck according to John Edwards.. if he and John Kerry win the election...people like Cristopher Reeves wouldn't be dieing and the "get up out of their wheelchairs and walk again'.......
President Bush is the first ever President to fund stem cell research.....

"Your Not The Boss Of Me" hehehehe

Shot Out To Lt. In UF

Last Presidential Candidates Debate Before Election Tonight

President George W. Bush shall face off with Senator JohnF. Kerry tonight for their last debate. Some polls have Kerry in the lead,others have Bush with a slight edge and yet others have them running neck in neck in the latest results.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kerrys Plan For America

Iraq...Weapons For Cash And Fallujah Under U.S. Attack

Legal Issues Cause Delay In Peterson Trial

Monday, October 11, 2004

Eddy @ Halloween Horror Night...w/ Sweeties

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sandy Burgler Courtesy Mike99mws

Sandy Berger Is Still Under Probe

The Federal Government is still investigating former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger for taking highly classified documents prior to the September 11th Commission Hearings.Berger had served as national security adviser to John Kerry's campaign.Clinton allegedly told Berger to go "review" these documents.Some of these documents including those with information of how Clintons administration dealt with Al Qaeda have never been seen since.

JibJabs Latest Creation

From the Folks who gave us "This Land" and various other funnies like Ahnolds run for governator have come out with a new one that includes a Dan Rathergate/Memogate lil skit...


Unequally Yoked

ABC Memo bent against Bush and Mark Harper the author of memo will not be sanctioned . Memo instructed that Bush be held more accountable than Kerry. this.....what shall we call this latest incident... Equalgate

Scary Kerry.. a Pinko Commie

Brownsville Mayor Busted In Pot Raid

Kathleen Mary Swayze and her husband were both arrested in connection with a bussiness of theirs.Minors were employed at this bussiness where police found 31 marijuana plants.A search of their home yielded 12 pounds of pot,scales and packaging supplies(baggies).Each faces charges of two counts of distribution of a controlled substance, a felony offense, and three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, a misdemeanor.

Whats Wrong With Our Edumucation System

"We're Doomed"

Last Labor Report Prior To Election Was Issued

The U.S. Labor Department Recently Released it's last report before the election

The Washington Times Proclaims Good News...

However MSNBC States Report Is Bad News For Bush..

The Facts For You To Decide......

The next labor report will be Friday, November 5, at 8:30 A.M. (EST).

Millions Vote In Afghanistan

Overall there was success however there was a boycott by many (13 of 15) opposed to President Hamid Karzai. Violence was minimal.... Taliban stand defeated but not totally eliminated....women were able to vote....some allegedly coudn't sleep all night in anticipation of voting for the first time....

Ally In Australia Wins Re Election

Prime Minister John Howard Won election to a fourth term with a "divisive" victory. Australia is notibly one of if not our most faithful ally in history.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Reasons To Re elect Bush Courtesy Mike99mws


Possible Bush Cabinet Changes If He Wins Election

Speculative but this is the stuff DC whirls around and is quite accurate.......Would Powell stay or go.... Rumsfeld a gonner........Dr Condoleezza Rice....hmmmmm...

Martha Stewart Locked Up

For the next five months, she will be known as prisoner No.55170-054.
If You Have Questions About Her Case.....,0,6556183.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire

Use The Force Courtesy Mike99mws

Mars Up Close
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