Monday, January 31, 2005

Freedoms Never Free.........We Honor All Who Have Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice In The Pursuit Of Liberty...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Were Back.....Apologies Yes...Excuses None....... : )

Iraqi Soldier Standing Guard Next To An Iraqi Tank..........Elections In Palestine,Afghanistan,& Now In Iraq... History In The Making

Millions of Iraqis Vote

Not Anymore...Samir Hassan, 32, who lost his leg in a car bomb blast last year, said as he waited to vote in Baghdad: "I would have crawled here if I had to. I don't want terrorists to kill other Iraqis like they tried to kill me."

Friday, January 28, 2005

Rumors of Rathers Replacement Continue

Thursday, January 27, 2005

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The King Of Late Night

Johnny Carson dead @ 79...

The Moorefurby...

Talon Robots...due to be utilized by the U.S. military within a few months...

Researchers remove King Tut's mummy from its tomb in an effort to solve the mystery surrounding the Egyptian boy pharaoh's death...

New sweet sentiments on this year's stock of those popular Valentine candy hearts....

Friday, January 21, 2005

Inaugural Day @ D.C

Inaugural Day @ D.C.

Inaugural Day Pic From Washington D.C.
Michael Powell Mentions Bloggers In His Announcement Stating He's Stepping Down As Head Of The FCC....."If you look at the Internet and the role that it played in the election and the political campaign, if you look at the fact that an Internet blogger can bring challenge to a network as formidable as CBS, you realize that more and more democratization of technology is leading to strong consumer value and that's what we're most proud of. And that's what we really wanted to focus our agenda on."
A partial transcript of Powell's exchange with Neil Cavuto may be found Here

Bush Pledging His Alliance To The Prince Of Darkness....In reality he was giving up respect to the University of Texas Longhorns.
Racist Hot 97 Skit Mocking Tsunami Victims
A New York City radio morning show is playing a racist and grossly insensitive parody song making fun of the Tsunami disaster and the hundreds of thousands of victims.For the last week Hot 97 has been running a hideously unfunny and offensive skit named "Tsunami Song," that ridicules the victims of the Tsunami as "ch*nks" whose children will now be sold into child slavery. It's being played on the station's morning show, hosted by Miss Jones.Yo can listen to it here .
Contact Info...
Program Director: John Dimick
HOT 97
395 Hudson St. 7th Fl.
New York, NY 10014
E Mail
Hot 97 web Site
Enjoy BitTorrent? LokiTorrent is officially being sued by the MPAA! More info Here

To support Mel Gibsons "Passion Of The Christ" Movie Go here & vote... to petition Hollywood to give The Passion of the Christ fair consideration for an Oscar.

10 People Added To List Of Possible Boston Terror Suspects

The FBI has added the names of nine Chinese and one other man of unknown national origin to the list of those being sought for questioning about a possible terror plot targeting Boston, according to The Associated Press.

Paris Hilton is back in the news, after she apparently made an FCC violation by using obscene language on a publicly broadcast fire-dispatch radio.She dropped the F word on F radio.According to witnesses, Hilton gained access to the radio system used to dispatch firefighters. Hilton then said on the live microphone, "Ladder 1, OK, mother (expletive)!"
Looking for Nicole Richie pic nipple ring picture click Here

US Capitol Police have arrested the man who sneaked into President Bush's first inauguration as well as former President Clinton's.This is Richard Weaver in the 2001 handshake.

Battle of The Billboards

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fema Kids Tsunami Game...A tsunami has just hit FEMA Beach and has rearranged a few things. Please put the 9 objects back where they belong to see the cyber-prize...To see the game go Here
Update: The above link no longer works because FEMA removed the game.I played the original game and really found nothing out of this world with it.All you had to do was put items where they belong.A fish from a treetop back into the water,a bottle of beer floating into a trash can...anyho the tsunami "new" game now is here ...& if bored enough all Kids FEMA Games can be found here

SpongeBob song offends US Christian groups

Boston terror threat probed

In an ad for the Volkswagen Polo going around,a homicide bomber blows himself up inside the car.The car is so tough that it contains the explosion.The New York Post has an article about it here ... to see the actual ad click here (QuickTime)
The spot shows a man who appears to be of Middle Eastern descent getting into a Volkswagen Polo...The man, who is wearing a checkered scarf of the same pattern as the keffiyeh headdress late Palestinian president Yasser Arafat wore, stops in front of a restaurant and then proceeds to hit the button on the bomb detonator...

As for the UK's Guardian..their reporting President George W. Bush's inaugural speech as threatening & combative

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Click Here To See JibJabs Latest Creation

The JibJab brothers have come up with a new one. JibJabs Latest Creation Is Called "Second Term".Their earlier creations of "This Land" and "Good To Be In D.C" were entertaining so be sure not to miss JibJabs Latest Creation.

Tickets To The Constitutional Inaugural Ball...
Japam:Tsunami Warning After 6.8 Earthquake In The Pacific Ocean
Warning issued for Izu island chain south of Tokyo

Child Gives In To Temptation, Gets Tongue Stuck To A Pole ...
A 9 year old boy was waiting for the bus in freezing temperatures when he decided to find out if his toungue would really stick to the metal pole.It did and a police officer was on the scene while the boys dad poured water and set him free...
Must we now put a disclaimer warning folks not to try this @ home? hehehe

Hajj: A Pilgrimage of a Lifetime
Hajj: Who started it and who is required to perform it? What is a mahram? What is the significance of Mecca ?

Security dominates this year's Mecca pilgrimage

Businessman Pleads Guilty to Trying to Help Saddam Hussein

Man given 2 years for firebombing Montreal Jewish school

Bombings in Iraq Near Australia Embassy, Police HQ

Vatican says bishop kidnapped in Iraq has been released

Defense attorney Leslie Ballin called it the “jury pool from Hell .”

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Man Threatens to Blow Up Van Near White House

Suspicious Vehicle Near White House

Update: 10-19-2005: Links Here & Here
Negotiators were able to get the suspect to surrender.

News Flash:Senator John Kerry Actually made it to work today... well the chance to be in front of cameras again,grill Dr Condoleezza Rice and give up privileged US information provided "when I was a nominee" was more exciting than just the same old "stolen election" routine...

1st Lt. Dustin Ferrell receiving the purple heart award which was later revoked.The issue revolves around whether his injuries were sustained by enemy fire etc or due to an accident involving the humvee he was riding in.The driver of the humvee was killed in the incident.Does the honor associated with dieing or getting injured in the line of duty while serving your country diminish because it was not enemy fire that inflicted the injuries or death...
Australian Opposition Leader Resigns Citing Health Problems

Three prison guards injured, inmates barricade themselves in dining hall at Arizona facility

Marine 1st Lt. Dustin Ferrell was advised the purple heart he received while laying in a hospital bed after being injured in Iraq has been revoked

Your Fired

Fired From a 4 million dollars a year position...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Southern California high tides are making for a spectacular(frightening?) view for patrons of one seaside restaurant.
Tsunami rumor sparks Chile Panic ... 1 woman dead.

Gas company workers sort through debris in the parking lot of a suburban Chicago shopping mall, looking for the cause of an explosion that injured 10 people.Speculation is now turning to weather fluctuations, lightning, and other things buried beneath the parking lot, including two diesel fuel tanks.
Just in case anybody missed it...hehehe
People of the Year: Bloggers

Cold Case Homicide Breakthrough
Police have made an arrest in a murder case that is more than 20 years old

Jihad in New Jersey?...A family was found murdered and allegedly were bound,gagged,tortured and had their throats slashed.Reports of online chatroom incidents & death threats because of anti Islamic rantings.The home of the victims was looted leading police to consider robbery as a possible motive.Link to info here and here

Parts of Hawaii say aloha to snow as about 6 inches of the white stuff falls on Mauna Kea.

Martin Luther King Jr Miami Events Info...
On Monday, January 17, a celebration will kick into high gear at the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and 27th Avenue with a parade of community members and high school marching bands starting at 11:00 a.m. Then, MLK Park (6160 NW 32nd Ave.) will be transformed into party central. Stop by the MDX booth; free SunPasses are available to those who qualify. Musical stages from 99 Jamz (WEDR-FM 99.1), Hot 105 (WHQT-FM 105.1), and gospel station WMBM-AM (1490) set a festive tone.
Former Football player Barret Robbins was Shot by Miami Beach Police Saturday night who were investigating a burglary.

The Miami Herald offers more Info
Barret Robins is: stabilized-critical condition

Having looked a little deeper into Maricopa County Arizona(Pink cuffs etc) I noticed... Their SWAT Team was recently Disbanded .
More information on how 2 of their SWAT Officers were shot while serving a search warrant has Emerged .

A shakeup in the Maricopa County Attorneys Office leaves the longtime chief prosecutor of sex crimes working in the juvenile division .Cindi Nannetti recently received the Arizona Felony Prosecutor of The Year Award.

I am not certain what bothers me more about this story.Whether it is the fact that if she is half as good as they say she is why not promote her or leave her in the sex crimes division.Or, if what bothers me most about this story stems from the fact that maybe if her new boss was a woman she would possibly be getting a promotion but definitely not a demotion.

A Dog That Knows His Math

This dog knows addition,multiplication and can Count (video). As seen on Animal Planets Cool Pet Tricks .

Not Too Pretty In Pink: The Girly Men Prisoners

Maricopa County Arizona prisoners now wear pink handcuffs because the sheriff got tired of losing them."We presume nobody else has pink handcuffs, so we can spot them and know they're ours," Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.This is in addition to the matching pink sweaters,pink boxers and pink bed sheets they already have....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Actual Sounds From Space:Titan

Sounds of Titan...Courtesy of 'Huygens' Probe
Descending through the atmosphere Here
& Echos From The Radar Here

The Huygens Probe recorded the first sounds from Saturns Moon Titan as it descended through the atmosphere en route to the surface.
The second sound was recorded through a radar like process of sending a signal and receiving it in return.This helped scientist deduce altitude,velocity of descent and detect elements/clouds etc...

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Rescue To Recovery: Update:2- Body Found Believed To Be The Only Victim

Canyons Park City Utah...

Jimmie Wallet went out for ice cream, and when he got back, his wife and three of his four daughters were gone.Victims of La Conchita Mudslide.
Many return to La Conchita despite warnings
There is no water,no electricity,no gas and no assurance that another mudslide will not occur.
Repeat: California Mudslide Video


Shame On You

I want to thank Federal Review where I came accross this article.
The article begins like this...Howard Dean's presidential campaign hired two Internet political "bloggers" as consultants so that they would say positive things about the former governor's campaign in their online journals, according to a former high-profile Dean aide.

New Developments in Ricin Case

Ricin case bewilders small town
*Reg Rqd/Free*

Body of sailor killed aboard USS San Francisco returned home to Akron, Ohio

Shipmates say farewell to fallen USS San Francisco sailor Joseph Ashley

Team from 7th Fleet to investigate submarine accident

Submarine Crash Shows Navy Had Gaps in Mapping System

Sub hit uncharted undersea mountain
*Reg Rqd/Free*

FBI Warns of Suspicious Inaugural Activity

U.S. Announces Tsunami Warning System plan

Friday, January 14, 2005

Someone "couldn't think of a slogan" hehehe

A closer look at the boulder blocking the road...Topanga Canyon...Santa Monica

A boulder topples down a Topanga Canyon wall before crashing onto the road.

One Nebraska man is using his head to get the word out -- but there is a price,literally...Andrew Fischer, 22, of Omaha, Neb., is leasing the space(his forehead) through an auction on eBay.As of Tuesday morning, Fischer has had 120 bidders and the price had risen to more than $21,000.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Once Again Prime Minister Tony Blair Proves To Be A Friend ...cheers to the headlines group on this one..."Blair Defends 24-Hour Drinking"

U.S. District Judge Rules Evolution Stickers Unconstitutional ...stickers portrayed evolution as a "theory not a fact"

Baseball officials announce tougher steroids Policy

Russia selling weapons to Syria...Israel Voices Concerns

Mel Gibson asked that 17 of his 75.7 acres in Greenwhich be taxed as farm land. His Connecticut town rejected the Tax Break

Will An Apology By Prince Harry Suffice

Prince Harry Wears Swastika...People Demand Harry Apologize
California Mudslide Video

Another Tsunami Video...This one comes from Sri Lanka where a wedding was to take place but...

Mark Thatcher Pleads Guilty ... Admits to role in African Mercenary plot

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

World Wide Wicked Weather....

Tsunami Death Toll Approaches 300,000......
Flashback... This bright criminal was ordered by a Judge not to drive. Moments later police are pulling him over for "speeding." He attempts to elude police, loses control of his car and crashes...

"I Had to Run for My Life"...LA CONCHITA, Calif. mudslide survivor... Link
Note:Washington Post*subscription Rqd*Free

Allah Signs Name In Tsunami....

"This clearly spells out the name 'Allah' in Arabic," Mohamed Faizeen, manager of the Centre for Islamic Studies in Colombo.Click on title for article.. Allah is blamed for the tsunami.

At least 19 people killed in storms that have hit California since late last week...

La Conchita, California "turned to liquid" as a massive mudslide came rushing down on Monday...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Picture Taken As The Tsunami Hit The Coast Of India

Tsunami Hit Yala Reserve Wildlife Park in Sri Lanka

ATM Safety:Notice The 5th One Down...

Your Fired

Mary Mapes, producer of the Bush military service report; Josh Howard, executive producer of "60 Minutes Wednesday" and his top deputy Mary Murphy; and senior vice president Betsy West following the release of an independent investigation...This info was already covered on a recent post but now you can view the report in PDF format, here is the Link

This is a US helicopter crew member dropping supplies to tsunami victims however in another area of India....Dozens of tribespeople, armed with bows and arrows, have fired at an Indian coastguard helicopter dropping food and water over the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands..This is their way of saying "stay out" but in other areas the danger is real and present....

180 people in England take part in a mud race for Tsunami Aid
Three Dead , 10 Injured in California Mudslide
Update:01-12-05: 4 Dead, others missing... Link

Abbas makes peace offer to Israel
Expectations are high for Palestinian leader

Safety of Aid Workers in Indonesia Not Guaranteed

Israel parliament approves Ariel Sharon's new government

Monday, January 10, 2005

A father and two children were pulled from this Laurel Canyon home in California.
The Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday by four men who challenged Florida's ban on adoption by gay couples...

Bloggers Who Broke This Story May Now Claim Their Trophies hehehe...CBS Ousting Four Employees Over Faulty Bush Story

ACLU Slams Mass DNA Collection

U.S. Army Spc. Charles Graner Jr military trial begins

Bush Offers Talks with Abbas, Urges Israel to Help... Link to story

Dog Breaks Up Fight Between Drunken oldy but a ...

Randy Johnson of the New York Yankees gets into a shoving match with a cameraman

U.S. Helicopter With 10 Aboard Crashes in Banda Aceh

Cyclone Approaching Tsunami Battered Asia....Torrential Rains Expected...50 Mph plus winds expected....
A 6.3 Earthquake/Aftershock Hinders AID effort

Latest Tsunami Video Makes It’s Way Out …Here Is The Link

Death toll grows as Storm keeps pounding California

Rescuers try to carry out injured crewmembers from a crashed helicopter in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. AP Photo

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hanging On To Survive In Phuket Thailand
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