Saturday, August 20, 2005

Jordan finds rocket launcher used in Aqaba

AQABA, Jordan : Jordanian authorities found the launcher that fired three Katyusha rockets from a hilltop warehouse, including one that narrowly missed a U.S. naval ship docked at this Red Sea resort, Jordan's Interior Minister Awni Yirfas said Saturday.
The most serious strike against the U.S. Navy since the USS Cole bombing in Yemen nearly five years ago killed a Jordanian soldier Friday, wounded another and sparked a nationwide manhunt for the culprits.
Two other rockets were fired toward Israel from the same warehouse, which is located in the hills on Aqaba's northern edge about 5 miles from the port. One fell short and hit the wall of a Jordanian military hospital and the other landed inside Israel close to Eilat airport, lightly wounding a taxi driver....


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