Thursday, August 18, 2005

Israeli Forces Storm Gaza Strip Synagogue

Israeli Forces Storm Main Synagogue in Gaza Strip to Remove About 1,500 Protesters Inside
NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza Strip Aug 18, 2005 — Israeli forces stormed the main synagogue of this Jewish settlement Thursday, one of the last bastions of resistance to the Gaza pullout, to remove about 1,500 protesters inside.
In nearby Kfar Darom, police broke open door of the synagogue where protesters had barricaded themselves, fired water cannons on the crowd and began removing the protesters.
"Don't expel Jews," the crowd chanted as police charged into the prayer hall in Neve Dakalim. Protesters booed, whistled and threw water on troops.In the front rows, young men lay on the ground, linking arms, while those behind them tried to push away soldiers trying to get hold of arms and legs. Some of the protesters had their arms wrapped in leather tefilin prayer boxes and rocked fervently as they recited prayers. Rabbis in the crowd wore orange vests identifying them as clergy.......


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