Sunday, August 14, 2005

Historic Gaza pullout begins

GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Israel officially began its historic pullout from Gaza Sunday at the stroke of midnight (5 p.m. ET), coordinating with Palestinian forces to prevent any violence.
Israeli troops began sealing off all 21 settlements in Gaza, barring anyone from entering.
In one military ceremony, Israel closed a gate at the Kissufim border crossing that settlers use to enter Gaza.Israeli officials planned to begin informing the approximately 8,500 Jewish settlers that they have 48 hours to leave Gaza or be removed by force. Some have already left.
Leaders on both sides expressed high hopes for the withdrawal. Israeli Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres told CNN Sunday, "I'm sure that history will justify our choice."


Blogger NYgirl said...

In spite of this, Hamas has vowed to continue its attacks.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous p said...

it has to start some where

3:49 PM  

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