Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Egyptian chemist held over link to London bombing freed

CAIRO (AP): Authorities on Tuesday released an Egyptian chemist detained for questioning after the deadly July 7 subway and bus bombings in London, an Interior Ministry official said. Magdy el-Nashar had been sought by Britain in connection to the attacks in London in which four suicide bombers killed 52 people. El-Nashar was arrested by the Egyptians soon after the bombings and officials from Scotland Yard attended his questioning in Egypt. An official from the ministry's media office said el-Nashar was released after authorities found no evidence against him and no links to the attacks or to al-Qaeda..."There is nothing against him," the official said when asked whether el-Nashar would be extradited to Britain. Egypt previously has said it would not hand him over...Traces of TATP, or triacetone triperoxide, used by bomber Richard Reid who failed in 2001 to blow up an airplane with explosives in his shoes, reportedly were found in el-Nashar's apartment during raids in Leeds.....


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