Monday, August 01, 2005

This Post will be at the top all day...RIP Art Teele Jr.

My response to the many callers on local AM radio who called in complaining why the flag's were at half staff in Miami City Hall.....
Commissioner Arthur Teele was a vietnam veteran...greed may have lead him astray but he committed no treason or sedition against this country unlike others who come to mind and receive red carpet MSM services.
This Flag is at half staff for him, and for those who served and now rest.

Thousands Pay Respects to Miami Commissioner Who Killed Himself in Newspaper Lobby
A block-long line of mourners waited outside a funeral home Sunday to pay final respects to a former commissioner who shot himself to death in the lobby of The Miami Herald building.
About 2,000 people attended the public viewing for Arthur Teele Jr., 59, who shot himself in the newspaper's lobby Wednesday, the same day another newspaper published lurid accusations against him. He had recently been convicted of threatening a police officer and indicted on federal corruption charges.
"We will never let his name die... And the good deeds that he has done," friend Resshelle Burnes-Davis said.Teele, often described as one of the first influential black Republicans in Miami, was widely regarded as a talented, though sometimes abrasive, politician. He once punched a lobbyist in the face to prove his political loyalties.
"He was convicted without a trial. The media was the judge and jury. He was tried in the media, but sentenced himself," mourner Nerissa Cannon said.
Hours after Teele's death, the Herald fired columnist Jim DeFede for secretly taping a phone conversation with him. The secret taping was a possible violation of state law and the newspaper's ethical standards.The day Teele killed himself, the Miami New Times published a report online titled "Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories." The weekly newspaper's story was largely based on police reports and detailed Teele's alleged contacts with drug dealers, reputed homosexual affairs and the corruption charges.
Across the street from the funeral home, about a dozen protesters gathered behind two large wooden signs that urged people to not buy either of the newspapers.
cyouincourt007: I picked up a copy of the Miami New Times, which are free to grab throughout my school campus,the day after Teele shot and killed himself in the Miami Herald Lobby.The Miami New Times issue contained page after pager after page after page after page....(get the pic?)......of Art Teele anything under the son.
What most concerns me is the time specific police surveillance notes published in them.Art Teele was recently in trouble with the law, after an altercation with undercover police officers, who were following his wife around.The MNT tells us when and who he had lunch with,the barber shop....etc etc etc.....
If he's under police investigation why were all these undercover police surveillance notes part of the "story." The Police in cahoots with MNT against this man.......someone should have to answer for those police reports being in a local tabloid.Their last issue featured a girl on the cover with a large baldspot because she picks and eats her hair.....they call it art...
GTA VICE CITY has better plots than the "New" but still lame "Miami Times".
As for the Miami Herald .....The only good thing I can say about them, is that my late uncle worked their throughout the 80's during better times...
As for their involvement in Art Teele's demise....What completely added insult to injury in my opinion is....not only did they.... illegally record conversations with Art Teele (guy was fired only after outcry).....participate in the propaganda machine...but after the guy walks into their lobby and ends his life........The next day on the cover of The Miami Herald is the unsensored,unedited picture of Mr. Teele dead on the floor in a pool of blood with two City of Miami Police Officers Hovering Over Him........
The picture summed up the last story of his life..........
I cannot say he was clean and pure as the driven snow........but he fought for his country in Vietnam, served in government under two different president's of different political parties....He dedicated his life to the people and deserved his due ongoing Federal investigation..Federal Indictments....I'd think all those notes of who he met,when,where,elapsed time,envelopes and bags observed....etc shouln't be made public in some sleazy tabloid wannabe.


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