Monday, August 01, 2005

China Tells Citizens Not to Test the Law

BEIJING, July 31 - The Chinese government has warned citizens that they must obey the law and that any threats to social stability will not be tolerated, a sign that top leaders are growing increasingly worried about unrest in the countryside.
The warning came in a front-page commentary published last Thursday in People's Daily, the chief mouthpiece of the Communist Party.
"Protecting stability comes before all else," it cautioned. "Any behavior that wrecks stability and challenges the law will directly damage the people's fundamental interests."
the editorial said widening inequality was an inevitable phase of development. "It is unavoidable that different people and different groups enjoy the fruits of reform and development to differing degrees," it said.
No group is enjoying fewer of those fruits than peasants. Recently, 2,000 farmers in Inner Mongolia demonstrated to try to block local officials from seizing their land.In February, the leadership made it much more difficult for peasants to file grievances with the government....


Blogger NYgirl said...

Very scary.

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