Saturday, August 20, 2005

Politically Correct Patrol: NCAA clarifies ban on mascots

The National Collegiate Athletic Association created some wiggle room yesterday in its recent decision to ban American Indian imagery, announcing that it would give latitude to universities whose "namesake" tribe supports the mascot.A newly formed staff committee charged with reviewing appeals to the Aug. 5 ruling will take into account the university's relationship with the tribe as a "primary factor," according to a statement released yesterday by the NCAA....Yesterday's decision by the NCAA also was hailed at Florida State University: the home of the Seminoles, which enjoys a strong relationship with the Seminole Nation of Florida. On June 17, the tribal council voted unanimously to affirm "its ongoing support of the university's use of its name and symbols."....
CYOUINCOURT007: I stand against the NCAA's on this one.....FSU and the Seminole council see eye to eye and the tribe leaders and school officials have always worked together in the interest of both parties...........The only thing offensive is the NCAA and it's politically correct agenda...


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