Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jessica Lunsford Lives On

Mark and Jessica Lunsford
ISSUE: Jury recommends death for Couey.If there is any solace to be taken by the family of Jessica Lunsford after the trial of her killer, it is that Jessica's legacy will make Florida - and the nation -safer for children forever.It was no surprise that a Miami jury convicted John Couey of Jessica's murder, and then recommended the death penalty. It will be no surprise if Citrus County Judge Richard Howard goes along with the jury's recommendation.But the death penalty almost seems like an afterthought in the case of Couey.........In addition to Jessica's Act, many cities and counties in Florida have passed ordinances restricting where convicted sex offenders can live. When Gov. Charlie Crist last week signed the "Anti-Murder Act," aimed at putting violent probation violators back behind bars, Jessica was part of the inspiration.Children are safer, and some good will come out of this tragedy. That is Jessica's lasting legacy.BOTTOM LINE: Jessica's legacywill make kids safer.


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