Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rescued Scout recovering from 'frost nip,' dehydration

Michael Auberry recovering from severe dehydration and exposure to cold• Scout "felt alone as he could feel," father said• Gandalf, a search dog, caught Michael's scent about a mile from camp site• 12-year-old rescued Tuesday after being lost for four days lost in N. C. wilderness
GREENSBORO, North Carolina : The 12-year-old Boy Scout rescued after spending four days alone and lost in the rugged North Carolina mountains remained hospitalized Wednesday, recovering from severe dehydration and exposure to cold.
Michael Auberry had lost feeling in his fingers and toes by the time rescue workers found him Tuesday morning. But his father, who said his son was experiencing "frost nip," said feeling was returning to his son's fingers and doctors expected the same for his toes.
Kent Auberry said his son was even cracking a few jokes...


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