Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On Gulf Coast, Thanksgiving Amid Scarcity

'I'll Be Eating No Turkey': on Hurricane-Stricken Gulf Coast, Thanksgiving Shows Scarcity Anew
Debbie Shifter faces the daunting task of whipping up Thanksgiving dinner for 18 in the tiny kitchen of her FEMA trailer.
Shifter, who lives in Bay St. Louis, Miss., had to drive 45 minutes to find a Wal-Mart that survived Hurricane Katrina. Downsizing the ingredients to fit her compact oven, she will serve a 13-pound turkey instead of the usual 20-pounder. Because of a lack of counter space, she will do the chopping and dicing on two wooden TV trays in her living room.
Guests will eat outside at a plastic table on her lawn, or in shifts at the kitchen table. Dinner will be served on paper plates with plastic utensils."We done lost everything we owned, just about except for us," she said, standing next to the ruins of the larger trailer home she once called home. "We're going to stick together at all of our holidays."
For many people across the hurricane-stricken Gulf Coast, this is going to be a grim Thanksgiving.


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