Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bellyaching About Politics and Bickering

It is the nature of most individuals that when their guilt, either republican or democrat, is exposed they attempt to discredit their opponents rather than answer any charges. Rampant lying and defensive dialogue are propagated as truth by ignorant, gullible or compliant individuals posing as journalists. The democrats and the republicans assume their authoritative public podiums either expressing outrage against their accusers or defending the standard party line. So it is with the constant controlled conflict between the Democrats and Republicans. Rather than contrite humility and problem solutions, we have designed division. This orchestrated partisan bickering is wholly intended for the American audience in order to distract, divide and perpetuate negative feelings without solving any key concerns. The only issues they are in agreement about are the regular pay raises and congressional benefit packages that maintain their elite standard of living.Just prior to the Iraq invasion both democrats and republicans claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The pro war propaganda was all we heard via the elite owned airways. The majority of all network broadcasters favored the war. Television hosts who dared schedule anti war guests or raise legitimate questions suddenly had their shows canceled and lost their contracts. Now in the midst of an unpopular occupation we have dissatisfaction, decreasing presidential approval ratings and growing numbers of astute, skeptical constituents vocalizing valid concerns. This always generates choosing up sides and partisan defense measures......
cyouincourt007: There are some things I agree with contained herein however, there exists a larger amount of things I cannot accept..........Yes to addressing the immigration/border issue.....reading the constitution...defending the constitution and our rights.....but No, to we are to blame for all the problems,Earth pollution and hate for us....I can never agree with those in this country who call themselves Americans,hate this great country...spit on our troops and label anything torture among other things.......The day we all agree we will know our democracy is gone but some folks are just plain commies disguised as American Patriots who make me sick.


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