Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Jose Padilla Indicted By U.S. on Conspiracy Charges

Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen held for three years as an ``enemy combatant'' in the war on terrorism, was charged with four others with conspiring to provide support to terrorists overseas, the Justice Department said.
Padilla and his co-defendants were named in an 11-count indictment unsealed today in Miami federal court. They are accused of being members of a North American terrorist-support cell formed to send money, recruits and provide other assistance, the Justice Department said.
``The indictment alleges that Padilla traveled overseas to train as a terrorist with the intention of fighting in `violent jihad''' by terrorist groups, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said in prepared remarks in Washington. ``These groups routinely engage in acts of physical violence such as murder, maiming, kidnapping, and hostage-taking against innocent civilians.''
The indictment was returned Nov. 17 by a federal grand jury in Miami.
President George W. Bush signed an order transferring Padilla from military custody at a Navy brig, where he has been held as an enemy combatant, to civilian custody of the attorney general.
Three of the co-defendants, Adham Hassoun, Mohomed Youssef, and Kifah Jayyousi, have previously been charged with terrorism crimes, the Justice Department said. A fifth defendant, Canadian national Kassem Daher, is believed to be overseas, the Justice Department said.


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