Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thousands flee from typhoon Nabi

Floods, landslides paralyze southern Japan
A powerful typhoon pummelled southwestern Japan with torrential rain and high winds on Tuesday, causing floods and landslides, paralysing transport and prompting officials to tell more than 100,000 people to flee their homes.
One man was killed, 17 people were missing and 45 others injured, public broadcaster NHK reported.
A 75-year-old man died when his house was crushed by a landslide in Miyazaki on the southwestern main island of Kyushu, NHK said.
At about 2 p.m. (0500 GMT), the eye of the storm made landfall at Isahaya near Nagasaki on the mountainous island of Kyushu, Japan's third-biggest main island and home to about 10 percent of the country's almost 130 million population.
A total of about 110,000 residents of Kyushu and the neighbouring main island of Shikoku were told to evacuate, Kyodo news agency said, while more than 16,000 left their homes voluntarily.
Winds had weakened slightly but were gusting up to 126 km an hour (78 mph) at the storm's centre, Japan's Meteorological Agency said.


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