Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Worried Mom's Call Spurred Bombing Probe

Worried Mother's Phone Call Led Investigators to Identify Man Killed As Possible Suicide Bomber
LONDON Jul 13, 2005 — A worried mother's telephone call about her missing son led investigators to identify a young man killed on the No. 30 bus as a possible suicide bomber and hone in on the four suspects in last week's terror attacks in London.
Police made a major break in the case in just five days with the help of footage from surveillance cameras and the discovery of IDs at the bomb sites. But it was a family's heartache that apparently helped point them in the right direction.
The mother of one of four suspects identified in press reports as 19-year-old Hasib Hussain called a police hotline to report him missing about 12 hours after the Thursday bombings. He'd told his parents he was planning a day out in London with his friends.Hussain is believed to have died on board the No. 30 bus, which exploded nearly an hour after three bombs devastated London's Underground during the morning rush hour on Thursday. A witness who got off the crowded bus just before it exploded told The Associated Press that he saw an agitated man in his 20s fiddling anxiously with something in his bag. ....


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