Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Knife Found at Peterson Home Analyzed

Calif. Authorities Conduct Forensic Tests on Knife Reportedly Found at Home of Scott Peterson
MODESTO, Calif. Jul 12, 2005 — Authorities are conducting forensic tests on a 10-inch knife reportedly found at the home where convicted murderer Scott Peterson lived with his now-dead wife, but questions remain about whether it had been planted there recently.
"You could tell there had been liquid on the blade" and a "red stain on the handle," said Gerry Roberts, the man who recently bought the home.
Roberts said two of his friends found the knife last week inside a cabinet near the swimming pool in the backyard. But investigators said the discovery came just days after a tabloid ran an article containing rumors that Laci Peterson's throat had been slit.Modesto police spokesman Rick Applegate said investigators saw "no obvious signs of blood or tissue on the knife."
"It is somewhat believed that this knife was put, planted or placed there recently by a person or persons unknown," Applegate said. "There is nothing to make us believe the knife was used in the crime."


Blogger Louise said...

All of this was so sad. I feel for her family. I would love to know what went through his mind. How could he do such a horrific crime?

11:00 AM  

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