Monday, March 07, 2005

Jessica Lunsford Update...Unfortunately after 12 days of searching no major developments.More articles about her grandfathers past criminal history are being published but basically their just repeating the same info.Jessica Marie Lunsford is a 9 year old female,height 4'10 weight 70 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair....
Anyone With Info Please Dial 911
More pictures and info on homepage...B.O.L.O....& thank you


Blogger Denise said...

Circus (Citrus) County
On March 19, following the arrest of John Couey. I realized I had knowledge of whereabouts Couey on and around March 3. He was living in the home of Gene and Madie Secord, on N. Whitewater Terrance in Crystal River, which the Secord had just rented on March 2.
Couey’s resided with them after they all fled from their pervious home in Homosassa, which they shared with Dorothy Dixon and Matthew Dittrich only 8 days after a innocent soul, Jessica Lunsford disappeared. He immediately refurbished the kitchen floor for the Secord, and then fled the state on a bus ticket allegedly purchased by one of the housemates.
On March 21, I contacted Citrus County Sheriff Department and gave them this information on Couey’s whereabouts.
On March 22, I again contacted the Sheriff Department and asked why no one had investigated the home on N. Whitewater Terrance. I never obtained a response or had the confidence that my concerns would be respected.

On April 9, at a town meeting, I spoke with a Sheriff of the Citrus County Sheriff Department about this information. I still do not know of anyone from the Sheriff Department that had entered that home and investigated it for possible leads; and for some reason this information is never making it or does not seem beneficial enough for our Sheriff to investigate.

My questions our why do you immediately refurbish a kitchen floor when you are only renting? How can any of these people say they did not know anything? Even though they drove right through the Sheriff Department crime scene with Couey an unreported and known sex offender with them.
And why are these Associates, the Citrus County Sheriff Department, or Brad King being held accountable to answer these questions?
Brad King has since gave us all permission to lie and the Sheriff Department failed to do their job correct and the Associates are living within our community unsupervised.

Now not only these Associates but its also conceivably all of them including Couey could leisurely walk right through the system back into our community in the midst of our children.
Is this possible? Wait this is Circus (Citrus) County it could happen!

A violent sex offender and others that allegedly gave assistance to a violent sex offender may not be held accountable and responsible for their actions. And now the magic letter has appeared from Couey’s cell!
Do we need found letter to tell us who helped and had knowledge of these actions?
To the housemates, I dare you let me ask these questions to your face?
This same animal assaulted other children and you all knew it?
It sickens me to think this bloodcurdling assault happen, however not one of you knew anything was going on or helped?
The most important fact is we lost an innocent young soul.
To all who are willing to help me fight for justice! Please contact me!
Please help me put these demented individuals where they belong, away from society in which they do not deserve to live! And may I ask do they deserve to live?
Respectfully Yours,
A Citrus County Resident

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