Monday, March 07, 2005

For The Record

As Americans we Honor Italy's Slain Intelligence Officer and feel awful about the incident.However,when statements by Giuliana Sgrena blame US forces and falsely accuse them of purposefully intending to kill her,they must be challenged and sifted through facts...
Although a large majority of Italians support the U.S. & the war in Iraq,just like here, there are dissenters there as well. Giuliana Sgrena is affiliated with il Manifesto .Communist propaganda spewers in Italy.Overall Italy and it's government have been our supporters & we thank you for that.
It is an outright miscarriage of the truth to say US Forces did this on purpose.She was a hostage,a ransom was paid & according to preliminary reports the vehicle she was traveling in refused to stop @ a checkpoint.
This is a regrettable incident,we mourn the loss of the Italian intelligence officer & we support the troops who perceived a threat(a car headed straight for them they may have thought was loaded with explosives) & responded.We stand by Italy but we cannot stand for outright lies.


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