Saturday, December 18, 2004

Candidates For Capital Punishment &...

(CNN) -- Authorities late Friday said a Kansas woman who had a miscarriage earlier this year confessed to strangling a pregnant Missouri woman in her home and then cutting the baby from her womb -- a crime the local sheriff described as the most gruesome he had ever seen...
Baby found alive; woman arrested...
Police used computer forensics to catch alleged killer

Officer shot by partner tells of ordeal: I forgive
The incident occurred during Hurricane Jeanne...
JibJabs Newest...
JibJab brothers new creation... "Santa Claus" is broke and wants to be left cash instead of cookies...Yes the folks that gave us 'This Land" and it's "Good To Be In D.C." are back at it again.... to see Jibjabs latest creation...

A catch 22 in the M & A's...Mergers and Acquisitions...
Microsoft buy comes with strings attached
Legal Questions Dog Microsoft Acquisition
Anti-spyware company had granted another company rights to its software.,aid,118994,00.asp

'Chemical Ali' Opens New Stage in Iraq Trials...

Add this to the list of side effects ...Celebrex Increases Heart Attack And Stroke Risk
Consumer Group Calls For Celebrex Ban
FDA Has 'Great Concern' About Arthritis Drug

Countering US move, Cuba mounts attack via billboard
Note: Castro Deathwatch Continues...hehehe


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