Saturday, December 11, 2004

Good News...Bad News...

Cheap dollar good news for stocks

Good News For Gunshot Victim...For several minutes Thursday afternoon, it was a chaotic scene at Davis Elementary School in south Montgomery, upset parents, nervous children, one of their peers on a gurney....

Thursday's meeting between the National Hockey League and NHL Players' Association could be best described as a good news/bad news day.

Armor Effort 'Good News Story' for Troops...

I opine that the troops should have whatever they need like yesterday... in other words I don't want to hear any excuses or see fingure pointing going on... just get it done and next time get it right the first time ahead of time!!!!!! This is disgusting and heads should roll..... It's enough we have cowardly disgraceful troops who refuse to obey orders and others who want to involve the courts in something as widely known and accepted as the stop loss program... I sympathize with them but a contract is a contract and we are @ war.


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