Friday, November 12, 2004

Scott Peterson Found Guilty

Peterson found guilty in wife's murder,0,3476078.story?coll=ny-top-span-headlines

Scott Peterson found guilty of wife, baby's murders

The jury will return November 22 for the sentencing phase of the trial.The divided jury united for a unanimous guilty verdict.
3 1/2 hours of deliberation on day 7 of the official deliberation process.
With 2 of the jurors having been removed ( #5 & #7) and the remaining jurors casting the guilty vote we seem to be left with more questions than answers. However in conclusion it is satisfying that this dirtbag didn't walk due to errors committed by the prosecution and the judge. I do give credit to the Judge for holding this thing together as it seemed to fall apart. An appeal of the decision is expected and as it stands now the question is will Scott Peterson receive the Death penalty or life in prison.


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