Thursday, November 11, 2004

Saving Private Ryan Controversy

New US austerity sees Saving Private Ryan axed by ABC

ABC Affiliates Won't Save "Pvt. Ryan",1,15326,00.html

WCPO among stations that won't show 'Private Ryan'

ABC announced it will indemnify any affiliates that air the movie and are fined..It seems the "moral values militia" that first flew out from "under the radar" is at it again..... this is as rediculous as it is comical. There is even talk of FCC preemptive fines.muahahahaha... there is no such thing.... The FCC takes action upon receiving complaints. The air time is @ 8pm est tonight.The last time they aired the movie they received 1 complaint. All the controversy seems to loom from recent election results and the "current moral compass" of America. However some right wing conservative groups have already come out and given the thumbs up for tonights airing.... hehehe....Americans support our troops and are aware of the reality of brutality in times of war. Saving Private Ryan is a highly accurate portrayal of the events that occurred on the beaches of Normandy and the "theatre" of war. This film is a must see and if its airing on local tv then see it again...(just like if they play Top Gun, Dirty Dancing or {name your faivorite movie }....u gotta see it).... so save all the drama for your momma and just air it.........
Private Ryan' cut from TV dutyFCC fear factor prompts Channel 5, other ABC outlets not to show film


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