Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I woke up early today, excited over all I get to do before the clock strikes midnight. I have responsibilities to fulfill today. I am important. My job is to choose what kind of day I am going to have. Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free. Today I can feel sad that I don't have more money or I can be glad that my finances encourage me to plan my purchases wisely and guide me away from waste. Today I can grumble about my health or I can rejoice that I am alive. Today I can lament over all that my parents didn't give me when I was growing up or I can feel grateful that they allowed me to be born. Today I can cry because roses have thorns or I can celebrate that thorns have roses. Today I can mourn my lack of friends or I can excitedly embark upon a quest to discover new relationships. Today I can wail because I have to go to work or I can shout for joy because I have a job to do. I can complain because I have to go to school or eagerly open my mind and fill it with rich new tidbits of knowledge. Today I can murmur dejectedly because I have to do housework or I can feel honored because the Lord has entrusted treasures into my care. Today stretches ahead of me, waiting to be shaped. And here I am, the sculptor who gets to do the shaping. What today will be like is up to me. I get to choose what kind of day I will have!


Blogger Sara said...

wow, i really enjoyed that. makes you look at life in a whole new way.

4:51 AM  
Blogger cyouincourt007 said...

Sara,your my hero : )

Sargini...man I cant wait for you to get back into town.....we need ya here chief....my house burned down........Thank the one upstairs we all made it out alive and fine but our house is to be gutted......lil buddies n me

7:35 PM  
Blogger cyouincourt007 said...

it happened surprisingly after I did this post.....Tues night/wednesday morning at about 4 am jack.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Sargini said...

I dont know what to say. I am sorry I did not write back when I first read this. Your like my brother, and I dont say that to just anybody. I cant believe how close you and family came to death. You know what I really cant believe is that my eyeballs are floating in tears. It just hit me big time. It might have been happiness you guys are alive. I think it was because of the thaught of coming home to find out that part of my family died when I was living it up in PR. You still have a lot to accomplish on this earth. It was not your time to go. Your a true hero man. There are six souls that are breathing today because of you. The seven of you beat the odds because you are protected. Why are you protected, I don't know why but you have it. It could be something you did in your last life. Well I know we will get through this. Please remember this. If the good Lord brought you to it he will get you thru it... Keep the faith, that is our job and God will do the rest.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

WOW! Just took a stroll through your journal and love it: Honest, open, upbeat, interesting, full of great food for thought - makes one count one's blessings. I'll be back! God bless you and yours.

8:22 PM  

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