Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Florida Begins to Recover From Hurricane

Electricity was restored to the luckiest homes and businesses. A few gas stations and eateries opened, more streets became passable and even trash removal returned to some overwhelmed areas.
Still, despite all the small causes for celebration across Florida in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Wilma, much of the focus remained on the immense problems that could plague the state for weeks during its recovery efforts from the Category 3 storm.The 21st storm in the worst Atlantic hurricane season on record, Wilma was blamed for at least five deaths in Florida alone. Before hitting the United States, it killed at least four people in Mexico, one in Jamaica and 12 in Haiti as it swirled across the Caribbean.Trucks carrying the first wave of relief in Florida food, ice and water either arrived much later than local officials expected, or simply didn't show up at all. Hundreds of people lined up outside one home-supply store, desperate for cleanup and other items. Drivers waited five hours at gas stations, and at a handful of fast-food restaurants open in the Miami area, burgers were available to those willing to endure two hour waits.....Click title for link...............................


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