Saturday, October 01, 2005

Firefighters guard L.A. area homes

So far, the efforts have largely paid off. Six structures, including three single family homes, have been damaged or destroyed by the fire but some 2,000 others have been saved, fire officials said.
Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Zaroslavsky told CNN that in addition to firefighters' efforts citizens have played an important role in preserving their homes by clearing brush, as required by the county.
"You saw last night on CNN homes that were within dozens of feet of the flames, and the flames just came to a stop as though there was some supernatural force," Zaroslavsky said. "There was nothing left to burn between the clearance area and the house, and the house was saved."
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger flew over the affected area Friday after getting briefed on the status of the fires.Later at a news conference, he said he was impressed with the work so far, and thanked authorities and firefighters for their efforts."They are doing such a heroic job working day and night to put this fire out, and they have it almost under control," he said....


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