Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cheney aide gave Times reporter details in CIA case?

The notebook used by New York Times reporter Judith Miller for an interview with Vice President
Dick Cheney' name=c1> SEARCHNews News Photos Images Web' name=c3> Dick Cheney's chief of staff contained a name virtually identical to covert operative Valerie Plame's, the Times reported on Saturday. But Miller, whose notebook for the July 2003 interview with Cheney chief of staff Lewis Libby contained the name "Valerie Flame," told federal prosecutors she did not think Libby was the source of that information and that she could not recall who was.
The disclosure, in an article published by The New York Times online, comes as special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald neared a decision on whether or not to bring charges over the leak of Plame's identity.
Plame's diplomat husband, Joseph Wilson, asserts that White House officials outed his wife, damaging her ability to work undercover, to discredit him for accusing the administration of twisting intelligence to justify the
Iraq' name=c1> SEARCHNews News Photos Images Web' name=c3> Iraq war.
Miller did tell prosecutors that Libby told her that Wilson's wife worked on nonproliferation issues at the
CIA' name=c1> SEARCHNews News Photos Images Web' name=c3> CIA......


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