Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fear keeps Darfur refugees from going home

Despite new protections, threat of rape, murder by Arab militants persists
EL-GENEINA, Sudan :The killings and burnings of homes have diminished since terrified villagers in Sudan"s West Darfur state fled to camps for the displaced and African Union soldiers arrived to protect them.
But a campaign of intimidation blamed on semi-nomadic Arabs known as the Janjaweed continues, and has cut so deeply into the local psyche that refugees can't shake their fear of going home.
Many of those in the camps complain it still is not safe even to venture to the outskirts of the compound, let alone trek to far off villages."If we go outside the camp, we might be raped. If we go back to the village we may be killed," said Ashya Diar Sugu, who has lived at Riad camp on the outskirts of el-Geneina since the nomads attacked her home two years ago. They killed her husband...


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