Monday, July 18, 2005

Bikers Attend Benefit for Abducted Girl

Nearly 1,000 Motorcyclists Attend Idaho Benefit for Girl Who Survived Abduction by Sex Offender
STATELINE, Idaho: Well-wishers arrived on more than 500 Harley-Davidsons and other motorcycles to empty their pockets on behalf of the biker's daughter who survived a horrific abduction.
About 1,000 people attended the six-hour benefit Sunday to aid Shasta Kay Groene, 8. Cash poured into a box at the front door of Cruiser's bar and grill, a biker hangout in this town just east of the Washington state line. Total receipts were not announced."I watched one guy walk up, open his wallet and dump everything but $5 into the box," said Prospect Bryce, who guarded the donation box for the Northwest Idaho chapter of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club. "I've been watching people drop, not small bills but large bills, $100s, $20s."


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