Saturday, March 05, 2005

Discovery of Weapons Cache

KIRKUK, Iraq...An Oregon Guardsman's instincts lead him to a hidden stash of explosives...
The dirt floor of the farmer's hut didn't look right to Oregon Army National Guard Sgt. Jesse Shrader. It was too neat, too clean.
"That struck me as odd," said Shrader, describing a Feb. 16 raid. "So I started stomping on the floor." ...
Soldiers are always thrilled to find and destroy unexploded ordinance because insurgents use them to make improvised bombs they put in cars or plant on the side of the road.The platoon was in the area because it was chasing the source of a rocket that was fired over the U.S. base. Soldiers stopped to question children, trading soccer balls and candy for information. The children steered the soldiers to the area where they found the ordinance.


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