Thursday, December 30, 2004

Volcanic Eruption Could Unleash Giant Tsunamis on U.S. Part 1..
Note: This is not new information. Scientists have been warning and sounding alarms on this very issue. However they have received little if no attention until now. I was amused to see this article come to press only now after the Tsunami Disaster has occurred. It remains a fact that a chunk of the Canary Islands is bound to break off and plunge to the bottom of the sea. Waves of more than 500 ft. could be sent accross the Atlantic. Well I only heard this years ago on AM talk radio with Art Bell, George Nory and the rest on CoasttoCoast AM....Muahahahahaha.....Certainly these hosts and their guests( all the scientist coming on the show) are saddened by the events as I am however this is another case where they have been proven accurate.Maybe now the pending doom of this Canary Island issue will receive more press.
Mega Tsunami:

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (CNN) -- U.N. relief workers have arrived in Indonesia's Aceh province to find devastation in the region closest to the epicenter of the earthquake that spawned Sunday's killer tsunamis...

U.S. aircraft carrier heading to help Indonesia

Closing Arguments Begin in Terror Trial...

Justice Dept. Seeks to Revoke Citizenship of Man Linked to Nazis

Court: Minn. Can't Regulate Internet Calls...

Vietnam reports 29th human bird flu case; 16-year-old in critical condition

Iraq:US troops, warplanes kill 25 insurgents in fiercest battle

Blast rock Saudi capital-
Saudi security forces have killed seven militants suspected of involvement in twin car bombing attacks in Riyadh,

A Cambodian court on Wednesday sentenced international terrorist Hambali to life imprisonment in absentia for intent to kill and other terror-related charges, along with two Thai nationals and a Cambodian.

Head of CIA analysis unit joins exodus of top officials in shake-up

Arkansas Court overrules ban on gay foster parents

Agencies at Odds Over Fingerprint Checks


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