Monday, December 27, 2004

Information wave
Today’s real-time disaster relief may be tomorrow’s real-time rescue effort.

Floating mattress saves 20-day-old baby from drowning

Faces of tragedy

Quake, Tsunami Death Toll Passes 22,500

Tsunami reaches NZ - 17 hours after quake,2106,3141273a10,00.html

Do Earthquakes Affect the Earth's Rotation?
Killer quake rattled earth orbit: scientists
10 largest earthquakes since 1900

Tsunami and earthquake facts
Tidal wave hits 10 nations
Jet Li on the missing name list of Asian earthquake
Earthquake Disaster Toll May Reach 45,000

Fla. Man Missing As Tsunami Survivors Return To U.S.

Yanukovych vows challenge in Ukraine election
Yushchenko declares victory in presidential re-run


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